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Most of us are relatively aware of the few basics pertaining to dental hygiene. Since we are young, our parents usually told us that we should brush teeth on a regular basis prior so as to prevent debris from accumulating. Keeping teeth in a hygienic state goes a very long way in ensuring that tooth ache and other adverse dental conditions are kept at bay. When one fails to brush teeth on a regular basis then very soon plaque would develop which has the capacity of eating off the teeth cavity and consequently causing gum infections. But still, dentists prefer that we should brush our teeth at least thrice in a day; early in the morning before going to work, after lunch and also in the evening. Adding over this second brushing formula to mid-day chores would assist in preventing any plaque from bonding with teeth and resulting to tooth decay & damage.

But still danger lies in dental upkeep when one tries to overdo things. When one brushes teeth too hard then it could potentially damage gums especially when this is accompanied with flossing of the same nature. When done for a long time it would cause the enamel to be brittle which would consequently result to gum diseases & also tooth damage. To assist one brush well on teeth and attain maximum oral hygiene, the following few simple steps can summarize the entire process.

 Brush teeth at least twice in a day for around 2min.
 Regular flossing
 Daily mouthwash douse

Moreover, ADHA also recommends that one should chew up on some sucrose-free gum compound after each meal to assist with general tartar prevention. But prevention is always better than cure when it comes to maintaining dental hygiene. One should avoid chewing on sweets or taking food with excess amounts of sugar.

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